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Working Geek: DreamBox’s upbeat CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson is focused on empowering kids – After earning an MBA from Harvard and working on Wall Street.

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Because id argue, as someone who has gone through wall street prep that this course, along with my high GPA, the brand name of my school (I go to NYU), and good interviewing skills, are all reasons that i landed an IB internship.

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Created by financial experts, Wall Street Prep was founded to help students in banking and investing programs to improve their CV and enhance their standing in the industry. There is a long list of courses available on the Wall Street Prep website, including interview preps, corporate training, public boot camps and much more.

Wall Street Prep was founded in 2003 by a group of JP Morgan investment bankers with a simple goal: To make the “investment banking skill-set” available to anyone who wants to learn it. Each year, Wall Street Prep’s innovative courses are used by over 5,000 professionals and students.

Jul 03, 2010  · I doubt the certification is worth anything at all. However, most firm will use one of two training programs and Wall Street Prep happens to be one that doesn’t require a classroom teacher. I used wall street prep and did the valuation models on my.

This course is designed for current and future finance professionals looking to get faster in Excel and learn modeling in the O&G industry context. The course will be taught by Wall Street Prep’s senior O&G instructor, Jeff Schmidt, CFA.

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